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B2B Prospecting

• All sales teams want a higher conversion rate, but few have invested in smart systems that consider which part of the process they need to improve to make it happen.

• The most cutting-edge feature of our prospecting system at Marco Polo Now is that it minimizes lost opportunities by getting to know prospects during the prospecting phase.

• We have the capability to improve the sales process to maximize conversion.

• Our end goal is to apply discipline to this important yet time-consuming aspect of business operations, helping you adopt smart prospecting and outperform your competitors in reaching new territories.

Our involvement can be adjusted based on your preference.

1. Plain Outbound Dialing: We dial your provided list and prompt a customer for action, following your script.

2. Managed Prospecting: We build customized sales processes with a series of contact tactics to radar lock onto each prospect with repeated contacts until the client converts or aborts. Additionally, we provide statistics on prospect drop-off or conversion ratios at every step to identify areas for service or product improvement.

3. Managed Prospecting Scalable Infinity: Based on the knowledge learned in our Managed Prospecting for your prospects, we will identify the best possible prospects in uncharted territory within the entire US business database on the fly, immensely scaling up your marketing missions.


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