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Poor customer service in higher education is more common than you may think. The volume of students, in contrast with the notoriously impersonal and bureaucratic front-office student support functions, can seem insurmountable for everyone concerned. 57% of educational support centers reported an increase in ticket volume in the last year. Failing to keep up with an issue like this could tarnish the resolute image of the establishment.

Treating students as customers

Treating students as customers is the first step in addressing this challenge. At first glance, this might seem like an issue only related to semantics; in reality, adopting a customer mindset can make a world of difference in higher education – an area currently grappling with this need.

Developing a customer service mindset is crucial

Developing a customer service mindset is crucial after setting your customer service goals. This can be achieved by understanding and meeting what students want from an educational institute.

This means that students would want to attend classes at an institute that:

– cares about them and helps them unlock their potential.
– treats them with care and respect.
– proactively listens to their needs and concerns, keeping them informed about things that could affect them.
– most importantly, provides them with accurate and timely answers to their questions.

Because of these reasons, we offer:

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